I can't withdraw eth out of my metamask

A couple of weeks ago, my client sent me 3 eth to my wallet. To be on the safe side, I created a new wallet for this. And when withdrawing, a red sign appears that it is impossible to withdraw funds, despite the fact that there was always enough money for the transaction. Support said to send 5 percent of the amount stored there to this wallet, I sent 5 percent there, then support wrote to send another 270 dollars and I sent them! Even after all this, I can’t withdraw funds, and support has not responded to my letters for 2 weeks, please help


All I can say is, you met a liar.

No, I didn’t try. And how can this be done? And if it’s not hard for you, can you explain what it is for?

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Hi in crypto you hold your funds and you don’t pay anyone else to perform your transaction. It is clear they are scammers and trying to scam you. First of all never send them money again at any cost. Secondly not to contact anyone from here on phone. Third you can just paste your wallet address here so we can have a look.

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Hey @Its_me_sabit, sorry to hear this has happened.

This is NOT the official MetaMask support. MetaMask support will NEVER ask you to send any tokens.

MetaMask only offers support through community.metamask.io and support.metamask.io

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