Wallet keeps shutting down

I can’t remove tokens from wallet. It keeps shutting down before I can send.
It also shuts down when I try to access support from the wallet.
I had all my Eth hacked once before. Thinking that it was my mistake I sold some btc for eth and started over with new wallet.
Now I can’t use the wallet for anything. I put Eth and n it but can’t get it out. This is a major issue for me. I haven’t been able to trade and I’m losing money because of MetaMask.
Please help me get eth out and I will remove wallet. This should be a real problem for you I would think. And it is super frustrating not being able to get answers and I NEED ANSWERS PLEASE.
I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I have only had one transaction that went right and then I was hacked.
Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!


This sucktamask will get sued someday. They will go run out business very soon.