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Hi all
Today I want to discuss with you a very important topic, which is the hacking of Meta mask wallets , specifically .

Many were victims of these fraudsters who withdraw the amount in our wallets And it sends it within fractions of a second to other wallets
When I contacted the technical support of the Meta mask wallet, I did not get any solution to the problem, only some tips that do not help me now because I learned a hard lesson and I do not need advice. I need help in sending the stuck token in my wallet to my new wallet .

I read daily a lot of people who suffer from the problem, but there is no clear and explicit solution heard about people giving a bot to send stuck tokens with very high amounts of money Why don’t Meta mask specialists design a bot or any tool or anything else, I don’t understand much in programming that helps people affected by this type of hack to get the token stuck in their wallets We don’t want advice, we need help

Please everyone affected by this type of hack comment on this post, perhaps it will reach the officials in the Meta Mask and look at us

Sorry for the long talk, thanks everyone


Because, so far, there is no way to do it.


There isn’t a “single tool solution” that will work in all scenarios. Each of these attacks is different, so requires a talented individual to figure out the nature of the attack before they can design a plan to combat it.

This is an article by a current employee of ours, written before we acquired the myCrypto team. It goes into further detail about some of the tools and strategies required to succeed in moving your assets out of a compromised wallet. It’s an incredibly complex and detailed process, with a ton of potential pitfalls along the way.


Basically, We want you to have the info, but can’t offer official support for this issue currently.


Hi @its welcome to Metamask community forum!

As @HiroProtagonist suggested, these attacks may vary in nature, and thus must be identified first in order to counter them.
Essentially, the wallet’s private key is set/linked to a script that detects and sends the payment to another assigned wallet immediately after it receives to the victim’s wallet, which is nearly impossible to defeat by a human. To combat this, you’ll need to create a faster script, but it’ll be useful only for transferring new coins to the wallet, which won’t be worth the effort because no one will transfer coins into the wallet when two scripts are running, neither the attacker nor the actual owner who deployed his own script. However, if the owner has NFT or other tokens that require a gas fee in ETH or BNB, those tokens will remain stuck in the wallet and cannot be removed even with the script, which we assume will not happen.
One option is suggested in the blog and shared by @HiroProtagonist , but it requires a large number of transactions and may result in you losing additional ETH.
There is an alternative method, which a website claims is used to charge a higher fee, in which you pay the gas fee to the miner using a second wallet and the miner confirms your transaction from the attacked wallet. This appears to be logical, but I have not personally tested it.

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I appreciate this thank you

But I have a question, does this scammer only have the secret keys?
Is it possible after a long time that this fraudster decrypts the bot from my wallet and I can then withdraw the token?

I’ve tried many, many ways, but to no avail. This is one of my wallets that was stolen. You can have a look.

I would like to inquire about the method you talked about, how can this be done? How can I pay the fees from another wallet?

thank you

The attacker may remove the bot/script associated with the private key, but when will he do so? Alternatively, he may stop the bot and immediately remove any remaining tokens/NFTs in the wallet. As a result, waiting for that possibility will be futile.

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When the power goes out on his computer :slight_smile:

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I checked the address you provided and it contains approximately $130 worth of tokens, which I recommend you leave alone and avoid wasting your time and effort on it. If you wish to continue, however, that is entirely up to you.
Speaking of the method I mentioned previously, I have not tested it and have done little research on it, so I will not share it. However, if you Google it, you may find a website that offers such things.
However, there is a blog on Medium of Biconomy which explains and allows you to pay your gas bill in tokens, which may be beneficial to you.
Search the name Biconomy on Medium you will get it.
Please do your own research before using any service, I am just trying to provide a solution and I have not direct or indirect link to any of the services I mentioned.

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These bots/scripts are hosted on cloud servers such as AWS and Contabo, which do not have the concept of a power outage. As a result, that option is not feasible.


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