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Hello…i recently did a foolish thing and gave permission to a fake airdrop to access my wallet. I opened a ticket 2 days ago, but have not heard back. Any token balance I add is immediately stolen (busd). My question is why haven’t they taken my staked tokens? Is that not possible? I have 4 staked tokens that have not been stolen YET.


Hello @waitandbleed, welcome to MetaMask community!

Sorry to hear what happened. To answer your question, they do not know you have tokens staked, as they only sweep what’s in the wallet at any given time. Also, check this article out to help you stay informed on how to deal with such occurences, and even steps to take in your current situation.


Thanks for the article. I have two more quick questions, since I did not disclose any secret phrase or password, only allowed access to my wallet is there a good chance the MetaMask support team can remove the script and I can keep my original account?

How long should I wait before contacting support again with my ticket number?

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You could also try this, but not sure it’s your case here, as you have a sweeper on your device. And also, you need a bit of ETH to revoke permissions. MetaMask cannot remove anything, as the wallet is self-custodial. You are the most important wheel in the mechanism when it comes to keeping it safe and to yourself.

You can open a ticket whenever you want. It’s up to you. Again, sorry to hear this happened to you.


Is the sweeper on my device (phone) or my MetaMask account?

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I did try to revoke on beefy finance, but there was nothing there to revoke. I opened a ticket 2 days ago…


Please read this:

And make sure that you contacted MetaMask support through official channels only. Remember to NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone, ever.

Refer to this article for your next steps.


Yes like I said, I have done that 3 days ago. My question is can MetaMask tech support remove the script from my wallet? Is that something they can do?

I suggest that you should stop using the current wallet address and replace it with a new one. Since it is stolen, it is possible that the other party has stolen the secret key. For future security, it is recommended to transfer funds, antivirus the computer, delete the current address, create a new address, and don’t click strange links in the future.

That still does not answer my simple question. I would gladly have done what you said, but like I said I have 4 staked tokens on that wallet. Staked contracts do not allow changing a wallet address during the stake. If it’s impossible for MetaMask tech to remove the script, that’s fine. I just need to know. If they can, I will wait to hear from them.

You can check the solution proposed above. What you need to do is to take out your pledged token. If so, you should look at this and follow this operation. MetaMask can’t help you delete the script, because your address has been stolen, which is the behavior of hackers. At present, there is a great risk of continuing to use the stolen address in this situation.

Hey @waitandbleed ,

MetaMask cannot remove the script but it’s worth reaching out to Help Desk in the way @Chinzilla and asking this very specific question to see what recommendations you might receive.

In addition to this, it would probably also be a good idea for you to reach out to the project team that you have tokens staked with to see if they could help in any way. Sometimes (not always) there is something teams can do if their contract allows for it. It’s at least worth an ask. One note is to make sure you’re connecting with the legit team as I know we’re all too aware there are scammers out there trying to pose as support when they’re not. These are typically the situations people fall victim. I’m sure you know this but just to share for anyone reading, never screen share, never give out your secret recovery phrase to a person or website…be careful of any links shared too.

Lastly, when you reach out to Help Desk they’ll also send you info on Asset Reality in regards to your loss funds. Worth reading up on here:


Thank you very much…

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I think what might be authorized is different.

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