Hacked metamask, how to get staked token back?

So i got tricked into giving away my seed phrase looking for help on telegram. I’m an idiot and i have payed dearly for it so please refrain from telling me I should not have shared my seed phrase.

All my tokens are gone and any eth I put on the wallet disappears in about 30 seconds.
I have all the tokens staked from this wallet still in their pools but that i can only unstack through that compromised wallet.
I’m hopping to find a way to transfer those to my new wallet faster than the bot robbing me blind. At the moment the unstacking transaction take longer than the bot robbing me but i know it is possible to be faster than it as i managed to rescue a couple nfts by sending a little eth and passing the transaction through before the bot had time to take it.

Any help or advise would be welcome.



did you find a solution? I have same situation, been hacked when connected to a wrong .io website (never shared my seed phrase…). I had few tokens inside my metamask, they have been stolen by hacker. My main issue is that I still have token staked with this account. Is there a way to manager this? If I want to unstake, I need BNB to pay transaction. But I cannot as hacker siphon it. And even if I am able to unstake, my token will be stolen again by hacker… I do not see any solution here, is there a way to deal with this?

Absolutely need the same help here. But for some reason, the hacker did not siphon my entire MM, only certain tokens (Adapad). I still have some Eth/BNB in there.
MM support tells me i should create a new account etc, but as for you, i still have tokens in staking from that compromised wallet. Actually i’m even too afraid to connect it to those staking pools at this stage, as i dont know if/how i can retrieve them without them getting siphonned right away.
I also noticed on BSC scan that the ‘hacker’ pulled tokens out of my wallet, but also SENT a ton of 0$ ones, that i can not even find back (could be some sort of trojan horse)

So in short, same boat as you… If i connect a new wallet to Vlaunch . com for example, my VPAD’s wont be avail. If i connect my current wallet, i run the risk of them getting stolen right away…

any help from the community here ?

Hey @jhejhe28 and @Firolius, sorry to hear this has happened.

Please refer to this post here: