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I started MetaMask mining in August of 2022. On November 28th I was notified that mining would be closing earlier than the original date of December 1st. Due to closing early some people got bonuses. Mine was $300k which brought my balance to around $1.6 million. I was told for safety reasons that I would Have to pay a minining fund of $92k before I could receive any of my money. This was difficult but understandable I order to keep my funds safe. I was told by customer support, once I paid the $92 k I would be contacted by a Dept. Head who would walk me through the process. Of course I paid the $92k by scrapping every dime I could by December 1st. I then notified CS who told me they would get back to me shortly and I could only witdraw funds on weekdays. I continued to contact cutomers service with you guessed it no response. I was informed by a friend also doing mining that the ETH MIN-ing plateform was down for system computèr up grades. Leaving me no contact to see my wallet balance and no recourse to locate my money or get any answers. I am a retired law enforcement and have invested my Lise savings into this mining project. When the mining platform went down so did my contact with customer service went away as well. Now it’s been four weeks with zero information and zero updates and left to fend for my self. The ZCustomer service on the crypto wallet side offered no help except creating a security ticket as offered up some scamming possibilities and of course told me not to share my 12 word phrase with anyone and nobodys asked for it. Anyone had any similar problems? Please Help. I’ve hired an attorney that’s has all transactions and copies of wired funds receipts to extension bank to MetaMask. And there lack of zero help.

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Just to be sure, when you say “MetaMask mining”, what do you mean by that? I think you mean that you have your MetaMask wallet connected to some ETH mining platform, but not sure.

You also say that you got a bonus of $300K, but before you could get it, you had to pay $92K. I’m sorry, but that sounds like a scam to me.

It sounds more like a problem between you and the ETH mining platform, than a problem with your MetaMask wallet, am I right ?

Do you have the address for your wallet ?


I’m sorry that I can’t provide support for you, but it still seems to be a problem between you and the ETH-mining platform. The screenshots has nothing to do with MetaMask

Where in the process do you think that there is a problem with your MetaMask wallet ?


Hello @Bsblt, welcome to MetaMask community!

Everything you described sounds like a mining scam. You should never be required to pay someone to get your money, that’s always a scam. The issue lies with the ETH mining scam and it something to be brought to the attention of the law enforcement, although the chances of recovering your money is small even so.

In such cases, it suggest to contact Support team at and click Start a Conversation and describe to them the situation and what the scam website/dapp was in more detail.


Once you click Start a conversation a live chat bot will appear on your screen. It will give you an automated response at first, but afterwards you should be able to contact the support team directly.

As an added extra safe tip, make sure that anything you mentioned or shared on the forums here does not include personal information.


Continuing the discussion from Eth-Mining./ Regarding Metamask Mining since 08/02/22:

Yes I have a wallet address but my money had to go thru z MetaMask before you gained a percentage on you money that is part of MetaMask/ ETH- mining.

This most likely was a scam that you engaged with. You should never have to pay additional funds to withdrawal or start the withdrawal of funds. This not only applies to crypto, but banking/investments/finances in general. Always heavily research all investments you’re going into.

Also, you may want to be cautious of sharing personal information such as screenshots with names or revealing actual dollar amounts of what you’ve lost/invested/etc.

Please contact MetaMask support through the links Chinzilla provided above.

Thank you.