Wrong BUSD balance

Ok this is getting frustrating. I swapped ETH for BUSD and de balance of the account is not showing.

The transactiong history shows that the balance is send to myself (I assume from Etherium network to Smart chain). But Smart chain shows 0. However it does sometimes show that I have some balance of BNB. Strange thing since I never bought, swapped or send BNB??

I seriously hope that somebody can sort this out. I made a ticked last thursday but nobody is responding to it? (ticket nr: [#576674])

Come on guys, this should not be possible. When I look at the community posts, 9/10 are post of people missing funds?!

Solve this matter asap please. I want to be able to use my money.

@nakedwinnie don’t close my post before solving it.

Hey @ThomasvdBurg, sorry to hear about the frustration.

The support team will be with you as soon as they can, and your patience is much appreciated. As mentioned before in a previous topic, it may be that your wallet has been compromised, because of this the topic was closed for your privacy and security, and to let you know that all communication should be continued with the support team.

This topic will be closed for your privacy and security. Please continue all communication with the support team.