Wrong trx address

good day i have problem i sent my trx from my metamask wallet to my rtx wallet and the amount still not reflected i copy paste wrong trx address

the address that i sent the trx is 0x85EAC5Ac2F758618dFa09bDbe0cf174e7d574D5B

plss help thank you and Godbless

I don’t get what your problem is… In that address on bscscan there are some TRX… This is not the intended address?? Are you not the owner?? In case you misspelled the address I am sorry to say that you could have lost them. In the other case your funds are there and you can find on bscscan and so perhaps you need just to add TRX to your customized token list so to be able to see them. Ciao

Oops… my mistake… The address you write is actually a contract, not an address… So I really don’t get what you need. Ciao