TRX transaction not showing up on Metamask but is on Etherscan

Transferred TRX from Binance to Metamask in 2018, the transaction shows on Etherscan but i can’t see on Metamsk. Tried adding TRX token to Metamask account but it just keeps loading. Please help

Can you share txhash to check ?

I have the same problem but with Rarible.
Transaction on Etherscan but not on Metamask.
I’m becoming crazy to find a solution :grimacing:.
Hope you will find soon a solution :slightly_smiling_face:

I have two TXhash but this one is the larger amount.

I know mate, but i can’t add TRX to my Metamask account so that i can move my TRX. When i custom add, all it does is constantly loads…i’m lost for ideas :frowning:

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Thanks Macky, i noticed that from the wallet spelling and space between import (walet ha ha ha)