Transactions not appearing in metamask

Hello, im making transactions in and rarible, that im signing and seem to have gone through, but nothing in showing up on etherscan, or is being listed as “Sorry, We are unable to locate this TxnHash”

having asked around, it seems aside from my very first transaction in rarible, nothing else is being sent to the chain - is it possible something i did the first time is holding this up?

Hello @Adamski :tada::rocket: Welcome to the Metamask Community.
If a transaction cannot be located on etherscan or any block explorer, then it is likely the transaction hasn’t gone through yet.
If you would like the support team to investigate further, feel free to open a support ticket with specific account address and the transaction hash that you have.

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successfully withdrawn 57.85280000 AVAX to the address .

i moved avax from binance to metamask but i funds are missing can you please help me out , because i talked with binance and they sent me here because metamask is received these funds and its missing and i want them in my metamask account , can you put in my metamask or you ll send them back in to binance again i want help from you to find these funds please

Hello @k4iqbal. We edited out your transaction details here. It is not recommended to share that information in a public forum. You should be able to find the answer to your question here in this thread

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Solved sir some one helped me to get back
:pray:t6: thx

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Glad you were able to resolve it :tada:. Please feel free to share your solution with the community as well.