Withdrawal from btcmarkets to metamask not showing up

I’m from Australia and had ETH in btcmarkets. I withdrew this ETH to MetaMask however to ETH has never showed up in Metamask and the transaction is also not showing up on etherscan.

The transaction ID is 0x3ab96a472e6a59a35ee1d7912b21ddee9860f2da76f12a9bac846e16b17ba040

Please please help!!!


Just tried and it didn’t change :frowning:

Sorry I’m unsure what you mean, I haven’t seen a QR code anywhere

All I’m seeing on the link you sent me is 'http:// weblinker .live/"

The link doesn’t take me anywhere…

Seems like a scam to me

Hi. Did you get the help you needed from “Masked5” ?

@PrebenHansen user “Masked5” is stupid scammer.