Rarible Sale, Transaction Missing on Metamask (but there's on Etherscan)

Hi, maybe someone could help me.
12 days ago I’ve sold an NFT on Rarible.
The transaction is Success on Etherscan, but I miss the transaction on my Metamask.
And, all the last tranaction on my Metamask are “0ETH” (transfer, minting, etc…)
Already chat with Rarible and they told me unfortunately, there isn’t much they can do on their end since it still appears that the transaction did go through on their end.
Could someone help me to understand the reason why and to have the transaction on my Metamask?

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Thanks, which steps I have to follow? DO u also know the reason why it happen? Thanks a loo

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I do not thing that Importa a wallet on another platform will solve the issue (I think is not safe)

Hi, theres someone could support me? Thanks a lot

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When you scan your MetaMask address on etherscan does the ETH or token appear ?

Thanks for your Help Lisa! I was able to find the transaction o Etherscan, but to be honest if I scan my MetaMask address on Etherscan I cannot find the transaction (the NFT sal was in ETH but if I scan my Metamask on Etherscan I see just RARI trasnactions)
Actually I see on my Metamask all transaction at “0ETH”

Can you share txhash to check ?

But I cannot find it on my transaction list if I scan my Metamask on Etherscan

It shows there. Show $49 ETH was transferred to your wallet

Thanks Lisa. Is what Rarible support says to me.
But there’s nothing on my Metamask.
No transaction
All my transaction are show as “0ETH” and finally i cannot see that sale on my wallet
This is what I do not understand. Because I miss the transaction (and obviously the ETH).
Any suggestion?
Thanks a lot for your support

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Same exact thing happened to me but I sold 2 NFTs on OpenSea, Both transactions went through on etherscan. I submitted a ticket with metamask and got a auto response back to reset my account, but that did not work. I have sent metamask 2 more emails, but have not heard back.

Same happen to me yesterday on Opensea.
On the Internal TXNS I can see the transaction, but not on my metemask.
I wrote to metamask but nobody replies