ERC20 TRX token wont load when i manually install it

When i try to add ERC20 TRX to my account manually, it just keeps loading. I am trying to move my Old TRX to the TRX Mainnet but i can’t access the TRX i have in Metamask because the app wont load. How can i retrieve my tokens?

@James3 MetaMask support NOT use WhatsApp. You are stupid liar.

@Smally72 important question :sweat_smile: how do you want to swap ERC20 TRX token?

TRX swap took place in 2018 year :slightly_smiling_face:

support James3 advise him :laughing: scammer

All i want to be able to do is get access to my TRX, it is still showing on Etherscan. I realise the swap happened in 2018 but i have read some exchanges are still swapping so do you know how to access ERC20 TRX on Metamask?