XRP Transfer from Binance

Need MetaMask address to initiate transfer of XRP from Binance to MetaMask wallet. I tried account #, not correct. Have been trying to do this for months. I’m obviously new to the cryptosphere. Help!

Hi Julie :slightly_smiling_face: what network you used to withdraw?

Hi There and thanks. The two options that come up are XRP and BEP2, so I assume I’m using BEP2

BEP2 token you can’t send to a MetaMask wallet :slightly_smiling_face:
only BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain network.

It’s a little complicated… try it with a small amount XRP.

How to added Binance-Peg XRP Token:

Will try this. THANK YOU!

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Created the custom token on MetaMask. I still don’t have the recipients (MetaMask) address which I need to finish this transaction. I know I’m not using the correct words. I tried the address noted in the previous response and said it wasn’t in correct format.

@Stewsbrew your ETH address is at the top…

copy eth

How to view your account details, public address:

Tried that again, says withdrawal address format is wrong. Very frustrating.

@Stewsbrew sorry my mistake :grin: you use https://www.binance.us ?
this site probably does not support withdraw XRP BEP-20 tokens

Try some wallet for XRP: https://www.exodus.com/ripple-xrp-wallet or https://atomicwallet.io/ripple-wallet