Zymbit is looking to integrate MetaMask into our hardware wallet

Hello everyone! Our team at Zymbit designs hardware security modules that help protect single board computers like the Raspberry Pi.

Our latest hardware products include HD Wallet functionality: HSM6 is an embedded security module that’s designed to integrate with single board computers, and SCM4 is a complete Secure Compute Module that integrates compute, wallet and HSM functions into a single package.

Our HD wallet supports:

  • Keypairs: nistp256k1, secp256k1, ed25519, x25519
  • ECDSA/EDDSA signatures
  • Both BIP39 and SLIP39 recovery methods for master seeds
  • ECDH
  • 512 generatable keypairs to work with at a time. Supports multiple wallets as well.

We’d like to integrate with MetaMask and provide customers a more seamless transition into their blockchain applications. Doing a bit of research, we came across the MetaMask keyring class protocol and are looking to implement our version of it.

My questions for the community are:

Is a pull request in the metamask-extension repo with our Zymbit Keyring the best way to get our stuff integrated? Are there more steps needed to be approved?

Does this sound useful to any of the embedded developers out there? Is this something that could help your application development process?

Thanks for your time! I would love to answer any questions or feedback you may have for Zymbit.

For more information on our products: www.zymbit . com
For more information on how to use our products: docs.zymbit . com


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