$5000 Worth Missing After Swap, Only Got less Than a Dollar back

One of my friends who are into “crypto” told me I could swap EVDC to USDC. I knew it sounded like a bad idea. He is more experienced in crypto, So I listened to him. Bad mistake on my part, he is usually wrong most the time on many things.

As you can see my EVDC was worth over $5000
Seems to got sent to MetaMask swap router
Only gave me back 0.00064USDC or maybe it took that from gas fee, had to pay with avax to swap.

Please help? I’ve already sent out a ticket but posting this on here. I have seen a few people post about Contract 0x1a1ec25dc08e98e5e93f1104b5e5cdd298707d31 and had similar problems.


Hello @felix, welcome to MetaMask community!

After investigating for a bit what your situation is, EVDC token looks scammish to me, with an enourmous total supply, inflated token value for such a supply, one of the largest supplies i’ve noticed so far.
Did you buy that token or did you get an airdrop of it? Airdropped tokens for which you didn’t participate in any way to obtain it are usually scam airdrops. Their associated pool on different DEXs have low liquidity just so their token value appear high, so the total amount that you’ve been airdropped to be of high value as well, to trick the user into trying to sell it.
I’ll link you some articles on the subject, please read through them.

Also it would be best if you contact Support team at https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and click Start a conversation to inform them of what happened, just so every possible angle can be covered, for your issue.


Once you click Start a conversation a live chat bot will appear on your screen. It will give you an automated response at first, but afterwards you should be able to contact the support team directly.


Not a scam, I triple checked it. It was a donation for charity for a local little league. I run a baseball company called nyynews. After further looking into it, it looks like the swap wasn’t compatible and it got stuck in EVDC network found here $0.00003926 | Electric Vehicle Direct Currency (EVDC) Token Tracker | SnowTrace I contacted them see if they could help. I think swaps are only compatible via avax and evdc. Thanks for the reply

Also i did not go to any third party sites, I know the individual who sent it. He is big into crypto and got into that particular one early. Like I said, I believe the swap wasn’t compatible and got stuck in between somewhere. Which might be good news to for me if stuck and sent to evdc network and not some random wallet.

Indeed, but even so, get in contact with our Support Team as i mentioned above to get help with that. Just to be able to cover anything that you and i might have missed.

Yup I did, thanks



Never heard of this token before and at first I would also say that the EVDC token could be a scam token, but it seems to be used to pay for using charging stations. So guess it is legit.


Well damn, this is a first I believe. I think I found a bug in MetaMask. I was able to recover the funds by using my USDC to buy EVDC again. Got my funds back, people that encounter this problem receiving 1 dollar back for whatever they traded for should do this method. (But do it at your own risk, I think I got it back by pure luck) Think its bug on MetaMask end Avalanche Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | SnowTrace

Hey @felix, it most likely has something to do with that token, it has a supply of 1 duovigintillion (1x10^69). The reported USD value of that token is likely incorrect, which makes it look like swapping $0.0006 of USD gets $5k of that token


I understand, I talked to the developer and they said the real value of 5000 is somewhere near 2000. And it was most likely a bug because i received the same amount of USD worth down to the cent back.

Just tested again, seems that the coin itself is faulty in it’s reporting. Coming up with ridiculous numbers. Oh well

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