aUSDC to USDC swap and never received USDC Tokens

For some strange reason i saw today AUSDC in my wallet. So I decided to swap it over for USDC in order to transfer it out but the swap says it was successful but I dont see the funds in my wallet?
Any thoughts, I have both coins in my wallet already. It looks like it was sent to another wallet? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Transation ID:

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Hello and welcome to the MetaMask community,

Via the transaction you shared, 4,959.73 aPolUSDC was swapped to 79.37 USDC and the amount was added to your wallet.
I am not sure what the token aPolUSDC is (Aave Polygon USDC?), but I suggest you always before interacting with any unknown tokens, do research and make sure that the token is legit.
Sometimes interacting with unknown tokens may compromise your wallet.

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yeah, this coin is pegged 1:1 with USDC so I should get close to equal value back. The funny thing its was not put back in my wallet it was sent to another wallet on the swap(the MetaMask: swap Router wallet) but never returned back to my wallet. I dont even se the 79.37 returned.

Contract 0x1a1ec25dc08e98e5e93f1104b5e5cdd298707d31 (MetaMask: Swap Router)

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Hey @jlc72179, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Always be careful with tokens that appear in your wallet that you are unfamiliar with. For your swap issue, would you be able to contact our support team?

You can do so at and click Start a conversation

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I did yesterday. I have started a conversation but nobody has replied yet to it and no email was sent neither. Do you have an ETA on a response?

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Hmm, looks like maybe an error occurred or something, our current response time is just a few seconds. Sorry about that, would you be able to start a conversation again? Someone should be with you very shortly.


The token price is shown zero on Polygonscan. Please see the attached image.

Is this your address? 0x32573a9a1395d40a917044f44bc82ad131e6f660
If yes, from the attached image 79.37 USDC was returned to your wallet.

Please report the case to the Support team.


I will put in another response now. No money has returned to my wallet. Thats what someone posted here in the forum that looked into it i guess.


Wow, I thought my 5k was bad. No, Meta mask said that not there fault. Its the AMM fault. Supposly there is no liquidity when the transaction was processed or it was very low. They provide quotes and warning that you clicked that say the price action. I am trying to figure out how the AMM works and how to contact them. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Soliditydeveloper, can you also contact the support team at and click Start a conversation please.

@jlc72179 if you have any further questions, it would be best to continue communication with the support team member you are in contact with.

Perfect, I am going to give flashbots rpc a shot. I will keep you posted. My meta mask agent I was working with never made me aware of it. Thanks again and I keep you posted.

Hey @jlc72179, the previous message has been deleted. Please do not contact any external emails or outside contact information on the forum!

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