$90 Gas fee - is this normal?

Is this normal ?
My first transaction, my wallet is empty, as i was testing it before putting anything in it.


Hello @KaelAdam , welcome to metamask community,

Can you provide more details about the transaction ? So we can look it up for you . And confirm if it’s still on the network where it was sent .


When your wallet is empty, or not enough to pay gas fees, the transaction display will be inflated, so 90U is unreal


Recently, the fuel cost is cheap, 90 is not normal

You should explain more transaction details, or post a screenshot of your transaction so that other members can understand and answer your questions

Hi @KaelAdam ,

In addition to the advice here, wanted to share some articles from the MetaMask Knowledge Base that may be helpful you. Gas varies depending on the network you’re using, have included an article to help expand on this too (last one).

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