What are gas fees and why are they so high?

Each transaction on the Ethereum network requires computational resources to execute and therefore each transaction requires a fee. Gas refers to the fee required to successfully conduct a transaction on Ethereum.

This gas fee is charged and determined by the Ethereum network, not MetaMask.

Due to the high demand on the network to complete transactions, gas fees are high and are a problem that the Ethereum developers are working to scale.

You can learn more about gas fees and how transactions are processed on the Ethereum network here.

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Binance is doing their best to replace ethereum with bsc and bnb doing a good job but it will fade.

Can you shed some light on how these get calculated and why there is such a huge difference in gas price all at the same time?
Your site recommends checking the recommended gas price which I did. And yet mine failed and others that were significantly lower succeeded.

Etherscan.io = shows av. of 172 gwei = $8.75
Opensea chrome browser = I was cancelling a listing of an NFT = gas fee =$31.38
Opensea Edge browser different MetaMask wallet = buying an item = gas fee of $96.05

The Edge browser wallet – I had tried to buy something yesterday and my transaction ran out of gas and I lost my $$. I researched the block and there were several other completed trans actions that had much lower gas price and gas limit.

Appreciate you in advance.

It’s certainly complicated and hard to know what gas fee is needed to complete a transaction and it fluctuates based on the demand on the Ethereum network. The more complex (i.e. NFT minting or purchase) the more costly the transaction.

You can read more about gas fees here.

Hi, Was wondering if i was swapping BEP20 BSC tokens, would the gas fees be through the ETH network or the BNB network? I’m trying to swap tokens but the gas fees are so high and in metamask they are showing the ETH logo and name

If they’re BEP20 tokens, the swap will be done on the Binance SmartChain and you’ll need BNB tokens to pay the gas fee.

guys, can you help me? I sent these cryptocurrencies to my metamask wallet and they didn’t arrive?

New to META MASK, please any volunteer to guide…