Why does Metamask seem to charge ETH for a Binance Smart Chain transfer?

Hi there,

I would like to transfer some Litentry (LIT) BEP20-tokens from my Metamask back to my Trust Wallet on the Binance Smart Chain. Why does Metamask seem to charge ETH gas fees? (see screenshot). I thought the transaction fees on BSC are settled in BNB? Am I wrong here? Can I still start the transfer without any ETH in my Metamask. I only have a sufficient amount of BNB. Can anyone help?

Thank you very much

Hi yes BSC use some BNB for transaction :slightly_smiling_face:
That’s all right :slightly_smiling_face: use 10 Gwei and Gas Limit 41833… gas fee 0.000418 BNB

But first transaction test on small amount LIT :smiley: just to be sure.

Hi, thank you for your quick response. Very much appreciated.

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