A popup that explains why "Confirm" is grayed out

Add a popup that will say “You have 0 BNB. You need it for gas fees”.

A very simple feature.
I see so many questions online. People saying “My ‘Confirm’ button is grayed out? What’s wrong? My crypto is stuck now!”
I was one of them. And then I figured out it’s because there is no BNB in my wallet.
Encouraging learning is very nice of course.
But how about explaining this directly inside of the application, in a matter of 10-20 seconds?
Instead of starting a charade that inevitably ends up with confused new users somewhere on the forums or on Reddit.

Please! Add a popup. Make it a bit more newcomer-friendly!
It’s painstaking enough to simply end up marooned on BSC without BNBs. Don’t add more pain to this by making your users first GUESS that that’s the reason!