My confirm button is disabled

I added ETH to my metamask wallet (bsc network).
I try to swap from pancake but the confirm button is gray.
why ?
maybe because i need to pay gas in bnb? how can I pay gas in eth?


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Hi dud :slightly_smiling_face:
YES BSC network :point_right: gas is BNB
Ethereum mainnet :point_right: gas is ETH

Hi! so how can i buy bnb? because i don’t have one, i can’t swap from eth to bnb ?


Luigi Legend Thanks for solution

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I am afraid not. You either need to ask someone to send you some (0.001 BNB should do for starters) or you need to exchange it when you use Binance Bridge, by ticking next to the text that says “I want to swap some BNB gas in this order”

Also, can we give some heads-up to Metamask devs to ADD A FREAKING POPUP that explains why your “Confirm” button is grayed out?