Confirm button grayed out

I am trying to use Quickswap and convert Ethereum to PolyDoge. I click on the Approve Eth button which then sends me to MetaMask and metamask has the confirm button grayed out. I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong as to why I can’t click on confirm? I saw a guy do a video on youtube and his button was lit up and he was able to immediately click on confirm without doing anything else. I’m new to crypto so I would appreciate detailed help on this subject. It seems complicated.

As I have recently found out, having encountered the exact same issue, Metamask is evidently designed for people who are psychic. And who can just, out of thin air, figure out that when their “Confirm” button is grayed out - it’s because they have 0 BNB in their account. But they need BNB for gas fees. And so: without having at least some BNB on your wallet - you won’t be able to perform any transactions on Binance Smart Chain.
Now let’s give Metamask some heads up. And tell them to ADD A FREAKING POPUP that explains to users why “Confirm” is greyed out. Inside the Metamask application. And not on the forums.

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METAMASK is discussing. having the same problem confirming transaction on ShiaSwap now.