Swap and Confirm buttons greyed out

I installed Metamask, connected it to Uniswap, created HI wallet.
When I try to swap HI to any other crypto (ETH, DAI, USDC, USDT) directly in Metamask, the “Swap” button is always greyed out.
When I try to swap HI to any other crypto in Uniswap and click on “Allow the Uniswap Protocol to use your HI”, the “Confirm” button in Metamask is always greyed out.
Because of this I can’t swap my HI to any other crypto.

Why “Swap” and “Confirm” buttons in Metamask are greyed out?

I got more than enough HI in my HI wallet to swap, I got 0.00 in all other wallets.

Thank you for your help,

It says that some ETH is needed.
So in order to swap I must have some ETH in my ETH wallet?
Can’t it take the gas fees from my HI wallet?

Gas fees for swapping can be provided only by ETH?
Gas fees cannot be provided by any other cryptocurrency?

Hi @Muhammadi gas on Ethereum network is only ETH

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