A suggestion for the programmers

Hi all!

I’ve started using Brave browser and so, I’ve installed Metamask to it. I already have a wallet.

After you click on “Import Wallet”, you’re asked to write your “Seed phrase” and after, it’s written “New password (min 8 chars)”. That is a mistake and it’s confusing.

We must not write a NEW password, but rather the already existing password linked to your existing wallet.

This should be changed. I hope it helps!

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @Henri9009!!

Each MetaMask wallet instance is device specific. This means that all of your settings i.e. custom tokens, RPC networks, etc. are also device specific, including your password. So you can have the same wallet (with the same seed phrase) on both your phone and your computer, but have a different password for your wallet on each device.

When you restore a wallet, you’ll always be prompted to create a new password.

I understand now… I still think it’s a bit confusing, but that’s just my point of view.

Thank you!