Add "dropped" button to transactions in queue

When interacting with non-default MetaMask networks (flashbots, personal node, side networks, or even testing/debugging) the transaction queue can fill up quite quickly if you have any weird side effects within your mempool. Often enough, especially in testing on local networks, you might drop transactions, or MM didn’t have time to pick up the fact that a transaction is no longer “in queue”.

I’m proposing that we can enable (via settings) a button within the queued transaction view “dropped” (or similar) which would allow us to manually remove items from the queue.

In the image below, I would image it could go somewhere along the top bar.

PS: I hear eip-2831 is really cool!

Would we even need to hide it in settings? We could have some advanced options tucked at the bottom, or under an advanced expando or menu too, would that sound good?


I think thats sufficient! It would be amazing to have :slight_smile:

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Perhaps this function is not needed in the mainnet, there we do not make so many transactions per unit of time. This would be very useful for testing. I support the proposal :ok_hand: