Cancel queued transactions without paying gas (since they were not yet broadcast to mempool)

When multiple transactions are queued in Metamask, they have not yet been broadcast to the mempool. Therefore, the user should have the ability to remove these transactions from the queue without paying a gas fee. Please enable user to cancel queued transactions without paying gas to remove them from the app’s queue.

If its possible that I will upvote hard. It would save me a ton of money!

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Unfortunately this is not a feature MetaMask has any control over. The transactions need to be paid for regardless. What you can do if you have stuck transactions, I’d find the first pending transaction and then send yourself or someone $5 worth of eth and edit the nounce Number to the one that is pending. This will clear the transaction and your fee will be minimal.


This is not a problem that metamask can control. The solution is to initiate a new transaction to overwrite the previously stuck transaction. There is a tutorial on overwriting transactions in the official website, and a little knowledge is required. If you are not sure, please use this function with caution.

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