Cancellation of a transaction in MetaMask

Hi all. How do you like the ability to cancel a transaction, for example, within 5 seconds after sending? How it is done in gmail (where it is possible to cancel the sending of the letter). In my opinion, this would not be superfluous, I encountered a situation a couple of times when it was necessary to cancel the transfer literally a couple of seconds after the sending itself. :+1:

You already can try to cancel a transaction on the blockchain itself, see this article. You would not be able to do it through email, since the wallet is decentralized.


You didn’t quite understand me. I do not want to cancel the transaction via email, but to have such a function built into the wallet, so that there is a button to cancel the transaction. Just gave an example of how it is implemented in Google.

Got it! Correct, didn’t understand, thanks for clarifying.

However, there is a button that exists, here -


The issue is if you’ve hit approve it potentially push through on blockchain before the cancel would go though. This is not because of MetaMask but because of blockchain works .

Besides the Knowledge Base article shared above, here is another good detailed post on this function for anyone curious:


Hi @KBeeTheCapybara,
I think what Mikeem means is considering a few seconds delay in sending any transactions by MetaMask similar to what Gmail offers.

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Oh, gotcha. Ok, thanks! I’ve never used this feature on gmail. As a MM user I wouldn’t want that delay, especially if I’m going after something that might be selling fast. However, that’s just me personally and this makes for interesting conversation at least :slight_smile: .


Good reason against this feature. However, it can be helpful for the cases when one mistakenly approves a transaction. Therefore, I think an optional feature in this case can work through which we can turn the feature on or off depending on the situation.