Add IoTeX chain to Metamask's popular networks list

With more 50M transactions since its inception, IoTeX is the leading chain for any project that aims to connect the blockchain and the real world. The IoTeX chain is powered by a Roll-DPoS consensus mechanism and is one of the fastest Layer-1s in the industry with a 5-second blocks w/ instant finality and has been running error-free since going live in 2019. The IoTeX chain should definitely be added as a MM popular network in order to provide a better experience for the multitude of iotex users worldwide.


See the logo image attached below to be used as symbol on both Mainnet and Testnet.
IoTeX Logo

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IoTeX is a leading L1/Middleware infra to power DePIN (Decentralzied Physical Networks), a 2.3 Trillion new market to drive real world device machine economy into Web3 and power everyday people in everyday life!
They have been diligently working in this space since 2017 and are making significant progress to connect billions of devices into Ethereum and web3 L1/L2s. It’s awesome to use MetaMask as gateway and connect hundred millions of device users into web3 universe! :partying_face:


:zap:fun fact IoTeX Chain deserves inclusion on MetaMask’s popular network list due to its unique features and contributions. With its focus on privacy, scalability, and IoT integration, IoTeX provides a robust platform for building innovative decentralized applications (Depin). Adding IoTeX would expand MetaMask’s offerings and attract users interested in IoT and privacy-centric blockchain solutions. :pray:


The infrastructure of DePIN is very cool. support!

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Support… iotx has always been exciting and fresh…with scenes in web3/deFi etc


Iotex is the one of the oldest & leading depin projects with more then 30+ depin projects using our service. We have good reputation in crypto industry and we never been hacked or shutdown for more then 5 year And we open sourced everything . it would be nice if we able get some help from MetaMask team😻.

SpaceX $IOTX Partnership
A New Day İs Dawning…

Upvote from me, support iotex.

A lot has happened since this post was published back in February! Right now it’s safe to say that the IoTeX network has grown tremendously and has become the most important infrastructure in the booming DePIN sector. It would really be great to see IoTeX in the MM popular network list!!

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IoTex is one of the most promising Web3 initiatives imho

With the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) narrative starting to warm up, it’s important for MetaMask to keep abreast with this and add IoTeX, one of the leaders at the forefront of this sector as the 1 popular networks.

DePIN x IoTeX x MetaMask =Power Combo.

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as one of* the…we need edit button xD