Add KCC Mainnet and send my Bitcoint to Metamask but have some issues on BTCK Peg

Hello dears on MetaMask Community.
I add the KCC Mainnet in the MetaMask, all process is ok.
Then I send my Bitcoins thats was pegged to BTCK Peg for my MetaMask wallet.
Then add a Token for the BTCK om Matamask.
I’am using Metakask APP in my mobile Apple IOS Phone.
But then i get some issues:

  1. I can see the bitcoins values in the Walltet, but can’t see this values in dollar (US$) like other coins, and the update icon never end, and the US$ value is every time black.

  1. If i click on the token to get detalied information i get this screen:

If I check the botton we can see that have the balance of 0.01044 BTCK, but we get the message “Unable to load your balance” and no one more data can be read.

Here is the link ID fot the transaction on kCC Mainnet, for chek propupose:

Now I can’t make anything with my BTCK Coins … what I have to do to fix that ??

Hi @Threx,

The issue may be related to the RPC or the network you are using. Please follow the steps given in the article linked below. I think that should help. Let us know in case you need further assistance.

PS: For your safety, it is better not to share any personal information including your wallet address on the forum. Be ware of the scammers that may contact you.


Currently, MetaMask may not have prices (fiat values) for all tokens :point_down: so you can’t fix this.

But you can use the token normally :slightly_smiling_face: you just have to be careful where you send it. Because KCC Mainnet does not support many sites…

Better to use the classic ethereum network :smile: trust me.


Hello @Maryam
Thanks a lot for your fast reply.
I tried all the actions. Remove the KCC network, remove the Token, hide the token, and all.
But still getting the same issue.
There is some way to send back this 0.0144 BTCK to the Kucoin Exchange ?
I try this but my balance still “0” (zero)

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IT MUST WORK :smile: I sent you 0.00123 KCS to pay the transaction fee.

Click Send

Click USE MAX :point_down:

Copy the address in your kucoin account.


Hello @Luigi
It’s nice.
I get the value here. It’s work for the KCS token, but for the BTCK Peg still noting showing.
This is the screen now :point_down: :point_down:

It’s okay that you can’t see the price :grinning: when you see 0.01043944
BTCK you can send them.


Click Send button :point_up: and click USE MAX

Especially copy the correct address on the kucoin page :slightly_smiling_face: for KCC Mainnet


Its Work @Luigi
O can’t see the US$ value
But I can send the money Back to KuCoin
Thanks a lot for all attention.

You are great !! :star_struck:

@Threx yeah send me 1 Bitcoin :rofl: it must work if I said it works hehe in the past I used this network


Owww!! @Luigi
If I have 1 BTC I send you all and we can travel to some Ibiza funny party. :partying_face:

But unfortunately I don’t have either a 1 BTC. But in some dreams we can travel to Ibiza and have fun. :rofl:

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@Threx OK :smile: as soon as you have 1 Bitcoin don’t forget about me hehe

GOOD LUCK :four_leaf_clover: