Fund Transfer problem with KCC MAINNET

Hi community.

I did my USDC transaction from Kucoin via using KCC network to my Metamask account. But before that I did not add KCC-MAINNET network to the Metamask wallet.

Then I add KCC MAINNET but my funds not appeared to my account. What should I do now?

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Hi @westeroslu and you added a USDC contract address?

0x980a5afef3d17ad98635f6c5aebcbaeded3c3430 :point_down:

Yes I add it and now its appeared.

But I have another problem now…

I send my USDC coin to binance address. Its confirmed and finished also confirmed more than 200 times. But its not reflected to my binance wallet. I checked Binance deposit address is true. What is the problem?

Oh man :see_no_evil: that’s a mistake :roll_eyes: Binance does not support KCC network


Yes its my bad.

How can I recover my funds (USDC) I sent to binance through KuCoin Mainnet? Is there any way to do it?

I tried to contact with Binance support team but they can not recover any fund from KCC Mainnet. Is there any other way?

doctor strange

There is no other way. Cryptocurrencies they give cruel lessons :roll_eyes: when you make a mistake…