KCC Mainnet to Binance (USDT)

In my Metamask account, I have a wallet for KCC called KCC Mainnet. This wallet contains USDT which I wanted to transfer to Binance. The transaction ID is 0xbdb256ce30fdeaf70620eb673cda089229f86f6320444cf65df752aa5019c8fa and it seems to keeps it increasing the number of confirmations and never actually sent the USDT through.

Am I able to cancel the transaction? What’s the proper way to transfer the USDT from my KCC Mainnet wallet to Binance? Can someone help me with this please? Many thanks in advance.

The transaction can be seen using kcc explorer io

Anyone able to help or provide advice? Thanks

Binance not support KuCoin Community Chain (KCC)
and your transaction is Success cannot be canceled this transaction.


i’m in the same situation, sent usdt on ERC 20 adress on Binance, still nothing.

Anyone has any insight or solution to provide please ?


I have accidentally used the KCC network to transfer USDT from Kucoin to Binance. I didnt know that Binance not support KCC at the moment. What can i do to cancel this order?

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This just has happened to me; I sent usdt form kucoin to my Binance wallet via kcc network. binance support said that if Binance will support kcc network, in the future, I may recover it. any help?