I sent my USDT from Kucoin to my Metamask, not showing up

I withdrew my usdt ($2626.63) from kucoin and sent it to MetaMask and the funds aren’t showing up in my wallet. I sent it via the kcc network. I didn’t know I had to add the kcc network so I sent it to the Ethereum mainnet usdt token. It was a mistake as I copied it to Kucoin and chose the cheapest transfer fee, kucoin also wrote that it sends to MetaMask. I just added the Kucoin Mainnet, and the kucoin usdt token but transaction already went through. Kucoin says to contact you, I can send all the transaction details in order to help find it. What can I do?

Hi @deshawnacy
Don’t worry be happy :slightly_smiling_face: because you are here… send us the transaction detail.

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Thanks Luigi,

This is the TxID: 0x933468a74e94ffe74eb4e60330def097e29695ecbc5dfd5cc8e363eb3961a766

You sent KCC-Peg Tether USD to the :point_down: USDT Contract address :cry: why man

Try asking here: https://tether.to/en/tether-token-recoveries/ whether they can return these tokens. Click to contact Tether Support and Token Recoveries


Thank you Luigi. I hope they can help me recover the funds.

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Maybe they can do it (for 10% of your deposit) :crossed_fingers: fingers crossed :slightly_smiling_face:


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