USDT sent from Kucoin. NOT received in metamask


I am very new to crytp. I am trying to invest in cryptoblades. So here is what i did

  1. Purchased usdt in kucoin since this is the only market where i am verified and can do p2p

2.transfer that to my meta mask

  1. When pasting my metamask address, 5 options appeared.

Two options can be chosen
The three options are not

The two options are ERC20 and KCC.

Assuming that this is automated since the rest of the options are greyed out like trc20, i chose the option that has the least usdt fee
Which is KCC

But i did not received it on my metamask. Kucoin said the transaction is completed and therea nothing they can do

But the metamask address is correct. This 200usd is the last of my money which i borrowed from which i am hoping to invest in CB before it gets big So this is something that i really cannot afford to not receive and lose.

Thanks for anyone who could help


You sent it to KCC network, so the USDT are there, not on Ethereum network (ERC20).

If you need them on the Ethereum network you messed up, you should have sent using ERC20, I know it is more expensive Ethereum network transactions are super expensive.

Anyway, you can retrieve your USDT, you will need to add the KCC network to Metamask, and add the contract address for the USDT token in KCC to be able to see it.


May i have the instructions how to add kcc on meyamask wallet? I cant find it on google

And youre saying that i can still retrieve it? Despite that this was processed to my metamask address without kcc being set up in the first place

Okay UPDATE: I found a way:

Chain ID: 321
Symbol: KCS
RPC URL: HTTPS rpc-mainnet.kcc (dot) network
Explorer URL: HTTPS explorer.kcc (dot) io/en

( i have added just typed HTTPS and (DOT) since the post is not allowing links)

I have added this to my metamask wallet network and chosen this too. But 186 USDT is still not appearring

yeah, no problem, the coins will be there, you just need the correct setup to see it.

On Metamask go to Settings, Network, and push the Add Network button.

Then fill in as follows:

And push save.

Now go back to Metamask and on the top, push the Ethereum Mainnet and a dropdown will appear and you should see the KCC Mainnet you just added. Pick it:


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I have dooubble checked the screenshot. Thanks. This is actually the same thing I did but USDT still shows as 0. the USDT token is already aadded

I have contacted metamask support but is there anything else I am missing?

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Did you add USDT token to KCC mainnet?
choose add token, and put the following contract address:


the rest of the information should fill in by itself. push next , and then add token.

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if you have the transaction hash from the Kucoin transaction, could you give it and I will take a look.

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HTTPS explorer.kcc(DOT)io/en/tx/0x053f80fb9940874666c4e683bd77488661eb021f2ad3aabd2dfae6de2739f674

As link is not allowed, just change (DOT) to .
Also change HTTPS to Https://

The metamask address that you will see there is 100% correct

OK, yes the tokens are there but it is a different contract address. Add the token with this address:


you should be able to see the tokens with that contract address, but now you will need some KCS tokens to be able to pay for the transactions gas fees if you want to move them.

There are two tokens for USDT. Can I swap them using apeswaap to bnb or even skill?

Do i just need KCS?

That did not work. The end goal is for this USDT to be converted to BNB or even SKILL

What would you recommend me to do this by the end? thanks so much

My recomendation, if you want to invest in cryptoblades, I think they use BNB and are on the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC Network). So you are better off sending the USDT back to Kucoin, exchange them for BNB and send them to your Metamask using BEP20 which is the BSC network.

You can add BSC to Metamask same as you did KCC and you will be able to see your BNB tokens there. BNB is the main token of the network, so you will be able to transfer and swap on BSC with just BNB.

Apeswap is in the BSC network, so you will need to be on BSC network to use it.

Right now you are in KCC network, and it’s not so easy as transfering, to change from one network to another, you need to bridge. It get’s complicated. Better just buy the BNB in Kucoin directly!

Noted I will transfer it back to my Kucoin wallet. Then convert there to BNB and then transffer it to my metamask using bcs

Thanks just to be sure HTTPSimgur(DOT)com/a/zVBMpb7
Change (DOT) to . since they arre not allowing me to post an imaage
And change HTTPS to Https://
Is this correct?

Just want to be sure to not let this happen again

yes looks correct. :slight_smile:

Thanks, do you know any swap/trade network that will charge me in USDT instead of KCS? I cant transfer back my USDT to kucoin because I don’t have KCS for gas fee

No, KCC network uses KCS for gas fees, you will need to buy a few dollars worth and send to the wallet in KCC network to be able to send the USDT back.

can help me
i send my USDT from kucoin account
TO USDT smart Chain network in metamask
using KCC. not receive in my metamask wallet