Sent USDT to KCC network instead of the erc20 from Kucoin to Metamask

I have sent quite a large amount USDT from Kukoin to metamask using the KCC network. It seems I lost that USDT but I am trying to retrieve it. I added the KCC mainnet and try to add the token. But everytime the amount shows 0. It seems I need a contract address?

Where / how can I find that contract address? Or what can I do to retrieve my lost


Try searching for a contract address here :point_down:

Thanks for your help Luigi!

I found this contract address 0x0039f574ee5cc39bdd162e9a88e3eb1f111baf48 and added it. With symbol USDT and in the other field 18.
However the token is added the amount stays 0. What can I do (more)?


Hi Eric @ericblaauboer it’s hard here :laughing: can I see the transaction hash?

I think it is this one:


Hmm :thinking: contract address is correct

What do you use a browser?

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I use Metamask in Firefox, latest version. Still see 0 USDT. I think 2000 are lost…

Hey Guys,

How much KSC i need to send back USDT to KUCOIN exchange ? It shows me GWEI: 2 and gas limit: 10000. How calculate it to KSC? Where to buy KSC as low as I need?

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