USDT sent from Kucoin. NOT received in metamask

I have the same issue, I withdraw USDT from Kucoin but did not receive it in metamask. Was your issue resolved ? @franz2595

Hi @cbayschm can you help me as well , I have the same issue and followed your intrucstions. I have the hash from kucoin but what usdt address should I use? I tried the one you provided but I cannot still see my usdt credit. Please help

Check the transaction hash, it should show the coin with hyperlink. You push it, and it will send you to the contract page of the coin, and you can copy and paste the contract to add it in Metamask.

Guys before you transfer any token(USDT/USDC/etc) make sure you know what network you will be using it for - Binance, ETH, KCS and etc. You can use ChainlistDOTorg to add networks easily to your metamask. You will always need gas fees for whatever network you going to use be BSC ETH or KCS so always have some.

The cheapest and fastest way to transfer is to use XLM. Buy XLM on Kucoin or any other exchange, transfer it usign XLM network, this is Etherium by the way. Transfer it to your wallet, then convert it using Binance Bridge to BSC, you can then use Pancakeswap to swap XLM for BNB or any other coin you wish. It costed anything from 0.002-0.1 XLM which is fraction of dollar still.

If you have transfered USDT from Kucoin it should be in your wallet, add KCC using chainlistDOTorg with chain id 321 then add token address for usdt(0x0039f574ee5cc39bdd162e9a88e3eb1f111baf48). It should be there. If you don’t have KCS in your wallet use to buy some kcs with usdt and then you can transfer to anywhere you wish.

There are different USDT tokens the, one is a wrapped USDT made to be used on the binance smart chain network and the erc20 to be used on the ethereum network. Which did you buy and did you send it to the right address and not say an erc20 token to your binance smart chain address?

I did the same thing except I sent mine to my ledger. Honestly when I sent it I did not see a network choice and if there was a choice between kcc and erc20 which I see now , I would of chose erc20. But I did it and my usdt is stuck in a kcc chain wallet instead of erc20… Any help ?

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I made the same mistake and am so mad at my self.

Can someone please help me recover my ETH? Or what is it… KCC now?

Totally ridiculous, who the heck wants KCC! I was trying to move my ETH from Trust wallet to Metamask.

Please advise, how I can add a new network and see the funds, transfer the funds back into ETH.



I am having a similar issue but in my case I tried to send Strong token from KuCoin to my Metamask wallet and its not showing up in Metamask. It was an ERC20 transfer. Do I need to do the same steps but use a contract address for Strong instead? Where do I get that?

to get the contract address of Strong check the transaction Hash on Etherscan, it will show you the Strong token with a hyperlink. click on it and it will take you to the contract address of the Strong Token, you can then copy it, and add it to Metamask so you can see the token.