Sendind USDT from MetaMask to KuCoin and still no coins yet

I transferred funds from my Metamask USDT wallet to KuCoin USDT account using te Erc20 network and i am yet to receive the funds.

my transaction status states completed and i am still yet to receive funds since several hours ago

Please can someone advise me on what to do concern my issue,


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This issue has been resolved… Thanks

Did you sort your issue?

Hello Sir/Madam,

This has been resolved



I know this is a bit late but I found this thread and I’m having a similar issue. I sent USDT from Kucoin to MetaMask and I received it, granted the icon looked funny next to USDT so I’m not sure what that means but then I’m trying to send the USDT back to Kucoin using the KCC Mainnet and I’ve been unsuccessful. Any thoughts/advice? Thanks

Hey capugo, how did you sort your problem? I’m having the same issue…