Add Native Energiswap Swap Capabilities When Connected To The Energi Mainnet

Currently, MetaMask’s native swap functionality does not work with Energiswap; it seems to only work with DEXs on the Ethereum network, which often have very high fees and disincentivize users who want to swap smaller amounts.

Energiswap offers users a secure, reliable DEX without the high fees. The average cost of trades is just a few cents. It currently has ~$9 million in total liquidity and 189 tradable pairs.

The Energi mainnet is highly compatible with Ethereum and even uses the same address format, so users can use the same wallet address on both chains. This should also make it easier and quicker to implement with MetaMask’s native swap functionality than other chains.

By adding native Energiswap support to MetaMask, you would give your users a way to save on fees and incentivize a greater volume of swaps made through your platform.

Yes, please add the Swap function for EnergiMainet so we have the option of swapping tokens within MetaMask without having to directly connect to the EnergiSwap site. Thank you!


Please kindly add the function for energiswap


:boom::muscle::boom: That would be great!!!


Hi Methamask team. Please add Function for Energiswap It would be great.


Methamask team!
Add the SWAP function to MetaMask when using Energi Mainnet!
This means that in addition to the power of decentralized trading, it also benefits from:

  • Significantly lower gas fees than competitors
  • Unrivaled security thanks to the expertise of the Energi Bureau of Investigations
  • World-class 24/7 support from our Community Management team
  • On-chain governance powered by our masternode network
    Please add this project.

Yee yee add Energy coz it’s energia positivaaa.


Adding functionality for energiswap would be fantastic


This would be great! I use MetaMask on the Energi Mainnet more than any other thing I do with MetaMask.


Would be great metamask Plz add


Hi, please look into my issue and see if you can help

That’s right, this feature would be very handy for us and, i guess, not that hard to implement for metamask team.

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Hi Methamask. Please add Function for Energiswap.

Hi Metamask Team,
The above feature is already quite popular among the Energiswap community members and we would very much like to get this feature enabled. Please let us know how to proceed further.

Hi Metamask Team,
Can you please look into the same and let us know how to get this feature enabled.

Thanks for the post! We will discuss this with the team.

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If they support the way to saved us fees and incentives us this can be good