Add phishing alerts and option to toggle eth_sign requests on Mobile

Currently, there are no such options on mobile. Because of that, bad actors try to scam their victims through eth_sign exploit by asking them to connect to their website through mobile MetaMask app.

@6pm UTC on March 4, 2023 I came across such bad actors (grimzs dot io was their domain name). Luckily I haven’t lost anything (and maybe didn’t even sign the malicious eth_sign message), but still I think that MetaMask’s dev team should finally fix this exploit on Mobile, just as they did with Extension, by toggling eth_sign function off by default.

Also, I think that MetaMask should integrate transaction simulations into both the Mobile and Extension, so that us, users, don’t have to use additional extensions such as PocketUniverse to enhance our security. Solana wallets, such as Phantom and Solflare already have this feature, and the fact that this is also possible to do with MetaMask is confirmed by the fact that PocketUniverse-like extensions do exist and do work (not with every chain though).

I hope that dev team will read my proposal and will implement these features (or at least some of them) as soon as possible.