Advanced Gas Control UI Bug - No Failed Transaction Justification

Picking up the conversation from a slightly different topic (charged-for-failed-transactions/15016),

At the bottom of this post is a screenshot of the transaction data error message I received on all 5 of my failed purchases. This resulted in over $200 of lost money due to gas fee payments. The failed transactions could have easily been avoided if there weren’t the following two problems with the user interface:

  1. There is no error feedback in the browser extension about why a transaction failed. This resulted in me retrying the transaction 4 more times, all of which failed. If Metamask had simply copied the transaction error from Etherscan (or a data source of their choosing), I would have known the reason for my failed transaction, and would not use Advanced Gas Controls in the future. See the screenshot below.
  2. While Metamask shows some warnings for advanced gas inputs that are both too high or too low (See Github /MetaMask/metamask-extension/issues/12591), the parameters used for these warnings are incorrect. Obviously I would not have tried a transaction with the low gas inputs I used if Metamask had warned me. Why does the interface warn in some cases and not others? Warning at all explicitly demonstrates that if any input will result in an error, Metamask will warn the user.

Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve seen users that have had “Out of gas” error messages. How do I get compensated from Metamask?

Hey @Webstar, sorry to hear about the issues with failed transactions and gas.

Thank you for bringing this up, at the current time users can go to a block explorer like to see why their transaction has failed, but it would definitely be helpful if the error feedback was also displayed on the MetaMask UI. I’ll bring this up to the team.

To answer your second question, gas prices fluctuate and can be very volatile, which causes the warning to appear at varying times depending on the current gas prices.

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