An imported Ledger account stranded with no private key?

I bought a new laptop. Got MM installed and set up and everything fine, except for one account. This account was an “imported” account on my old laptop to begin with, so the MM seed phrase will not pull it in.

Complication is, the old imported account keys are controlled by Ledger device. BUT Ledger live does not support this coin (GLMR), so I cannot graphically see the account in Ledger Live so it is not reflected there nor is there any interaction capability there.

Good news is it is still visible and fully functional in MM on my old laptop BUT cannot export a private key for the account because it was imported to begin with. I’m working on digging around to find out how I imported it via Ledger but no luck yet.

The only thing I can think of to do is this:

On new laptop, create a NEW account directly via MM extension for GLMR on the Moonbeam network (done) as a placeholder. This now means this account should be (?) recoverable in the future with the MM seed phrase. Send my coins from my old laptop MM account (using ledger keys) to the new MM address on the new laptop. The only difference then, would be I will not be controlling this new account with my Ledger device.

Any other ideas or something I’m missing? I really prefer to control the keys to my new account too with my Ledger and just use MM for the GUI when required.

THX in advance.

You dont need to import a private key from Ledger. Ledger can be connected to MetaMask and it will show up as a new account, connected hardware wallet account. Then you will simply need to add the respective network and token to your account and you will see the tokens.


Thank you. I got it resolved, so for the record, here’s what I did. I did this before but there is a little nuance that was not evident to me before.

On new PC, went to MetaMask extension, opened and clicked on my account icon, and “connect to hardware wallet”. Selected the Ethereum network and “ledger” from the options, then with ledger plugged in to PC, it connects and displays the wallet addresses on the Ledger, and asks you to select one to connect.

From my old PC, I was able to get the “account details” and the wallet address, and then find it on the list on my new PC and select it. Last time I tried this, I don’t recall seeing that address available, so maybe that was a one-off problem that went away.

After selecting that address, MM imports the details onto the extension and I can now see it. I just had to go to the Moonbeam staking site to then connect the MM account to that site afterwards.
All back to normal now!


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