Can't import account

Hi I updated my chrome extension from 10.3.0 to 10.4.1, in the process I lost all my accounts.
I was able to use my seed phrase to import my main account, then I added another account and it was one of mine, when I went to create the last account it was not the one I had previously created.
I need to add 0x64Db262b473c5C8E9DF145333A461a34e050616E into my account, it’s called Leonie.

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Hey @com5984, please make sure that the Secret Recovery Phrase is the correct phrase for the wallet address you are trying to access, and that the address was not an imported account.

Having a similar issue can anyone help me?

  • Reinstalled OS
  • Imported using seed phrase
  • Used “Create Account” method
  • Recovered two accounts
  • Can’t recover a third account which is connected to a hardware wallet (ledger nano x)

Can’t seem to find a solution as I only have my seed phrase and not my private key. My nano x operates just fine. Can anyone please help me?

Hey @sneakysnake, this is because your hardware wallet is an imported account, and not a part of the wallet with the same Secret Recovery Phrase. You have to connect your Ledger to your MetaMask wallet again.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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