How to import second account?

I have my seed phrase so this part is ok.

I have installed Metamask on Computer1 and it works just fine with two accounts “Account1” and “Ledger Nano”.

Just for a test, I tried to install Metamask on another computer, Computer2. Using the seed phrase I was able to recover Account1, but not my “Ledger Nano” account. I tried to Import account, but the Private key string I have says “The account your are trying to import is a duplicate”

How do I import my “Ledger Nano” account on Computer2 ?

Hi @BlueSpaceBike MetaMask wallet does not see the private keys of your Ledger Nano :smiley: FOR YOUR SAFETY

On the 2 computer :slightly_smiling_face: click to Connect Hardware Wallet and connect your Ledger Nano to the computer.


Ok, that is why I can’t see the Private key for my Ledger Nano account :slight_smile: Thanks

I’ll try to connect my Ledger to Computer2 and hope it recover my Ledger account.

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It should work :slightly_smiling_face: and you will see the same ETH address for Ledger as on computer 1.

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Thanks. It seems to work, but could not get it to work in Firefox and Brave browsers. Had to use Edge before I could import my Ledger account

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