Arbitrum bridge to Metamask

Description: One of the most popular chain haven’t been added yet

Purpose: Same as any other bridges

Extension/Mobile: Both

Hey @sinter, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

The new MetaMask bridges is currently a beta version and more chains will be added in the future :slight_smile:


HI! USDT or ETH bridge from Arbitrum Noca to Mainnet. The only way is a bridge on arbitrum site…?

hi @andmus22 , Orbiter also seems to support Nova


Yes, U are right, I forget about this :wink:

thx :wink:


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I’m also missing the brigde to Arbitrum but lest wait

I couldn’t agree more

I couldn’t agree more

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Really would love this feature. I love you so much

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bros i know why are you here and attentively reply a post lol

Look forward to seeing Arbitrum being added!

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