Are there alternatives to buying ETH with a credit card?

As often described in this community, it does not work either for me to buy ETH via Wyre.
If I go to Wyre via MetaMask, this hint appears at the top of their site:

  • “We were unable to verify your identity. Please correct your info.”
    As an American, you could deposit your identity and upload a selfie. Even if I wanted to, I could not try it, I am not American. Maybe someone has experience if it works then.
    I just want to buy a smaller amount of ETH to be able to exhibit in OpenSea.
    Are there other ways to buy ETH for MetaMask with credit cards without opening an account right away?
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Unfortunately, to buy crypto you have to sign up using your ID which is known as KYC verification or know-your-customer verification. However if you are ok with providing your ID, you can try signing up to Coinbase or Binance and then withdraw to your wallet. You will spend about $10 in withdrawal fees but both exchanges support international sign ups so if you want to buy some eth, that’s your only choice

That was fast, thank you very much. Clear answer… even if I do not necessarily like it :wink:

I had same issue as well but it might be something to do that account was compromised at the time. Try clearing your cache and see. Alternatively you can sing up Kucoin, no kyc required but it has limit of 5 BTC a day which is more than enough if you ask me!

You can either
a) buy ETH and tranfer to you wallet or
B) get USDT/USDC and use fixedfloat(FixedfloatDotCom)to buy ETH and tranfer to your wallet.

Fixedfloat don’t charge fees to tranfer eth where all CEX charge good amount of fees to send you eth.

BlockFolio and Trust Wallet also has option to buy with credit cards but they might ask KYC so check them out too

Hi deeqoo, thank you for your info. I’ll clear the cache and see if it works. I will also study the other sites. With all that crypto stuff, I feel like I’m in the jungle, without a machete, maybe with one, but not sharpened. :grimacing:
I don’t know exactly what the rate of BTC is now, but 5 BTC sounds like a luxury vacation to me! :sunglasses: