How to "BUY with Wyre" in metamask

Hi,Metamask community
i come from thailand.

recently, I have noticed that people in communities,
Other countries can buy ETH with Wyre in metamask.

what i want to know
1.In the future, when will my country enable this function?
2.If I use a vpn can I buy it?
3.the transaction code show that it is a crypto purchase?

I want to try to buy through a your partner.

Hey @orangecatcrypto, glad to have a community member in Thailand! :thailand:

If Wyre is not available in Thailand, then unfortunately you cannot use it to buy ETH directly in MetaMask. If and when they enable it, I can’t answer, maybe you can write to your representatives :grin:

In this case, a VPN won’t work because you would still be using your bank or card information to make the purchase. For now, I would say another way to get ETH in your MetaMask wallet would be through a centralized exchange that is supported in Thailand.


thank you so much, :slight_smile:

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