Purchasing ETH through WYRE on Metamask BEWARE!

On June 11th and 12th I made 5 attempts to purchase ETH through WYRE on Metamask. All ended in errors. Failed transactions. 2 days later I notice funds have been deducted from my bank account.
Emailed Customer Support and was assured the funds would not post and if they did I would be refunded within 1~3 business days.
Well, after multiple emails and calls to customer support still NO REFUND. Will be filing a fraud complaint with my Bank and the Police tomorrow if it is not resolved by then.
So I ask, is Metamask aware of this? Their vendor WYRE is not fulfilling the service they should be providing to the Metamask community.
Is there another way to buy ETH on Metamask without using WYRE?

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hey there. did you get any updates on your purchase or claim? Iā€™m on the same issue and any information would help. thanks a lot

Wyre finally refunded all my money but no explanation, NO apology, Nothing!! Despite customer service assuring me a manager will contact me and resolve the pending issues.

NO explanation whatsoever. Took over 3 1/2 weeks to get my money back. So yes, I would be extremely careful using their platform again. I wish MetaMask would consider giving us options other than Wyre when purchasing ETH through their platform.
Keep calling the customer support number and asking for a resolution to your issues.


please can you send me the contact for WYRE?

Why?? And Who are you?

Sorry, just had the same problem but I found the details for them, thanks