Backup of Networks and Assets

I have several blockchains/networks associated with my MetaMask wallet (Windows, Chrome extension) and I have several assets within each network.
When I wanted to set-up MM on another computer using the import/restore feature with Secret Recovery Phrase, I learned that this is a new beginning from scratch.
I would have to manually add all the networks, and after that, I would have to manually import all the assets I have balance with for each network.
This means that I must exactly remember all the networks and assets I owned before, otherwise I might lose the access to them.
This is not handy at all.
Is there any backup feature to automatically import at least all the assets within a network to save me hours of work and to keep me from missing any?


Hello @Hully , you can view your transaction history on the scan , that way you will see the whole tokens that belongs to your account.


Hey @Hully , like @Stephanae has noted you can use the various blockchain explorers to review your addresses and see what’s in them.

Examples of these are : etherscan(dot)io for Ethereum network, bscan(dot)com for Binance Smart Chain, polygonscan(dot)com for Polygon. Each network has their own, let us know if need help finding others. You’d take your wallet address and paste it in the search bar on that explorer, it will bring up all your tokens and transaction history. If you have no token, it will show. At least it’s a fairly quick process to copy, paste, search, and see what’s in there.

Here is a helpful article from the Knowledge Base on this which includes visuals and links for additional networks -


This is very simple. You can use debank, zerion, zapper and other fund management tools to check your account, and all the funds on your address can be displayed


Yas @Tksly such good suggestions :raised_hands:


As others suggested, you can search your wallet address with a block explorer to find all of the assets in the account. I’m a huge fan of - It reads from about a dozen blockchains, so can help find which blockchains you have assets on. (I use the method for adding new ones:

For tokens you can enable the “Token Detection” feature in experimental settings. Its off by default for security. Malicious tokens have been used as an attack vector, so be sure you know what tokens you’re interacting with. You can hide any that you aren’t familiar with by long pressing on mobile, or clicking the three dots on desktop.

If auto detect misses any, you’ll have to manually add them. I prefer the Coingecko method: Adding Custom Tokens to MetaMask Wallet Using CoinGecko


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