Secret recovery phrase does not recover any networks

Hello, I have my MetaMask setup on my main computer browser (brave). I thought it would be safe to also install it onto my phone. I have my recovery phrase backed up so i used this to recover my wallet to my phone.
It worked because i can see my ETH balance there but none of the other networks like Binance, velas, fantom have appeared.
I have been through and added them all back in now and the balances are all correct.
Is this how it’s supposed to work? I would have thought that there was a way to restore my entire wallet like for like.
Any ideas guys?

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Metamask is non-custodial. Which means none of your account information is stored on our servers. It’s all stored on your device, or the blockchain. The app or extension then acts as a gateway to access the blockchain accounts.

You can enable “Token Detection” in experimental settings, and that should pick up the majority of the tokens on an account. (it uses info from, and other sources. Some smaller projects that dont appear there, will likely be missed)

This is something we have spent a considerable amount of time considering how to best approach. Ultimately we haven’t discovered a solution that keeps your information as secure as possible, while also allowing it to migrate across devices easily. We’ve decided security > convenience. But we aren’t giving up on the functionality.

Part of our goal for user experience is to make using Metamask as frictionless as paying with cash at the register. This is something we are actively working to deploy. We just need to be certain it’s secure.


thank you for such an informative reply. Now that you have confirmed this is by design and not something ive done wrong i feel much happier. I’ll simply keep a .txt file somewhere listing my networks and coins etc.
thanks again

I use (for networks) and (for tokens) when rebuilding my wallets. Easy clickable links make it much smoother.


I have an idea, perhaps is a good idea to have a copy of your metamask wallet and restore all the information. You must copy the files from the extension in the computer and perhaps if you copy that folder in a new device with the metamask extension installed you could recover you total account (that is an idea).

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Good idea. Lets see of this is possible. Ill do a test.

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