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Hello. A few days ago i sent eth from Bitvavo to Metamask. I thought it didnt went well so i removed Uniswap and Metamask and installed it again. I dint put a 12 word frase because it was a test. Now i cant find my tokens but when i open Etherscan and search for the Bitvavo adress it shows the tokens. How can i recover them? Thank you.


Hello @Dennis1967, welcome to MetaMask community.

Let me know if i understood corectly what you did. You sent tokens from your Bitvavo to Metamask and because you uninstalled Metamask and installed it again, but you didn’t save your 12 word Secret Recovery Phrase you don’t have access to your Metamask wallet where you sent the tokens to as a test? If i didn’t get it right from first try, can you detail more on what happened?

In order to recover your wallet, there is still hope. Follow what the following article says.


Hello :slight_smile:
Yes, if you have used the MetaMask browser extension or the iOS mobile app, there might be a way to recover your Secret Recovery Phrase (the 12 secret words) by following the steps in this article → How to recover your Secret Recovery Phrase. You would need to know your password too, in order to use the vault decryptor presented in the article.

After you regain access to your wallet you simply need to re-add the tokens with their contract address, or the network first (if they were sent to a specific network, not Ethereum Mainnet).

Hi, thank you for the reply. When i first started with Metamask i skipped the option for the recovery words. Thought i try it out first. Later i removed it from my pc and installed it again but apparently i got another adress, i didnt know about this. When i check at Etherscan and search from the adress i sent ETH from Bitvavo it shows the amount but the problem is to get it on Metamask again or Bitvavo. I have no clue honestly. Kind regards.

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And are you sure you never wrote those 12 secret words down somewhere, on a piece of paper? :frowning: maybe you can find them and restore your wallet.

Im sure, it was just a few days ago and i skipped that part were they asked for the 12 words

Keep in mind always to save your Secret Recovery Phrase on a piece of paper and to never share it with anyone, as this is the only way you can effectively get access to your non-custodial Metamask wallet again.

Fortunately, as i and Urban.Moods said above, there is a way to recover your wallet, explained in the articles we linked to you, as long as you remember your password of the wallet, like specified in the post.

If you can see your tokens on Etherscan as you say, are they in your Bitvavo wallet or Metamask wallet? Was the transaction successful or was there no transaction, and your tokens never left your Bitvavo wallet?

The transfer from Bitvavo was succesful. They are not in the Bitvavowallet so they must be on Metamask.

Please follow this article and do what it’s written in it, in order to hopefully recover your Metamask wallet and the funds you sent to it.


Ik will try thank you for all the help. I will let you know if it worked out or not.


Sure, please do! Good luck :slight_smile:

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@Dennis1967 Hi , I had the same problem before, but then I found the solution!

I recovered my MetaMask but nothing there :frowning:

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If possible id love to know how i can fix it

Did you recover your initial MetaMask wallet and now you cannot see the tokens you previously had and the networks? This usually happens because MetaMask is instance-based meaning that if you delete the extension/mobile app you would need to manually add the accounts, networks and tokens once more after the reinstall.

You can use this article for guidance on how to add the networks back How to add a custom network RPC
And then, after you add the networks, you just need to re-add the tokens manually by following the next steps: Click on Import token → Custom token and introduce the contract address &token of precision/decimals of the token (tokens) you had.

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